Dr. Anthony Trufant
Dr. Anthony Trufant

The Brooklyn, New York-based preaching, teaching and outreach ministry of the Rev. Anthony L. Trufant stretches from New York City to New Orleans, from Haiti’s hovels to the up-from-apartheid townships of South Africa and beyond.
His Bible-based worldview and Christ-centered activism have been shaped, in part, by his Chicago boyhood and by spending the balance of his youth in San Francisco. At that city’s noted, community-changing Third Baptist Church, Rev. Trufant, a Colgate Rochester Divinity School graduate, interned under the Rev. Dr. Amos Brown.
The apprenticeship further fueled Rev. Trufant’s belief that the church of Jesus Christ must be actively engaged in the liberation struggle and survival of the entire human family, including people of African descent. That group is predominately, yet not exclusively comprised of blacks from the USA, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe & Africa and is the bulk of his 4,000-member Emmanuel Baptist Church in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood. Appointed as Emmanuel’s pastor in November 1990, he has overseen its exponential growth in membership and programming and raised its profile as one of the most innovative, effective “glocal” churches in the Metro New York area.
A sought-after workshop facilitator, church consultant, and leadership development specialist, Rev. Trufant is the recipient of numerous civic and religious awards. He also was inducted into the Morehouse College of Ministers; profiled in critically acclaimed author David Ritz’ “The Messengers;” and had his “Worship That Pleases God” published in Oxford Sermons, Volume 3. He has been active in the Dallas, Texas-based, nationally focused Leadership Network. He is a representative of Urban Ministry Advantage, a web-based resource for pastors and churches, and a board member of Faith Partnerships, a progressive and prophetic advocacy organization.
With a Bachelor of Arts from Morehouse and a Master of Divinity from Colgate Rochester, Rev. Trufant was licensed to preach in July 1981 and ordained in May of 1988 by Third Baptist in San Francisco. He is a certified Conflict Resolution Mediator. Rev. Trufant has received a diploma in pastoral counseling from Post Graduate Center for Mental Health and has completed coursework towards a Doctor of Ministry at Hebrew Union College.
A former adjunct professor at New York Theological and Auburn Theological Seminaries, he has lectured and/or preached at Morehouse, University of Pennsylvania, Suffolk University, Palmer Theological, Long Island University, Cornell University, and Princeton Theological Seminary.
In addition to Third Baptist Church, Rev. Trufant has apprenticed under Rev. Dr. Charles E. Booth of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church of Columbus, Ohio and Rev. Harvey Kelley of New Hope Baptist Church of Niagara Falls, NY. For two and half years prior to his arrival at Emmanuel, Rev. Trufant was pastor of the Church of Christian Compassion in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Rev. Trufant is the son of Sylvia E. Trufant and Bishop James D. Nelson, Sr. He was raised, alternately, by his mother and adoptive father, Paul D. Trufant, in Chicago and in San Francisco, by his maternal uncle and aunt, Rev. Dr. Amos C. Brown, Sr. and Jane Brown.
Married for 22 years to Muriel Lynette Goode Trufant, Esq.(a daughter of former Philadelphia Mayor W. Wilson Goode, Sr. and Velma Goode), he is the father of two daughters, Sharise Emmanuelle, 19 and Toni Niara, 17.